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"The Most Famous Health Food Store in Texas" - A Moveable Feast is an independent, family owned natural café and health food store that serves the community by specializing in top quality natural food products.  A large and loyal clientele shop at A Moveable Feast because they have confidence in the integrity of the product selection and personalized service.  














We are stocking Bosom Balm by WiseWays Herbals.  Bosom Balm contains 19 herbs and essential oils that support immune and breast health.  Customers are reporting back to us that this salve has greatly reduced the symptoms of fibrocystic breasts.  Since breast tissue is well-supplied with  lymphatics but lack sources of external compression (such as muscles or strong overlying fascia) to promote the natural lymphatic drainage found in most other body tissues, fluid has a tendency to accumulate in the breast.  Through breast massage, the lymph will be stimulated to drain properly.  Do Not Use Bosom Balm While Nursing.   




Enjoy HAPPY HOUR daily from 4-6pm. 

Reduced prices on Beer and Wine.  Special Food Menu.